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Liberty Church Washington Heights

A Family of House Churches in Upper Manhattan

We are so glad you are here!

Is there anything more anxiety producing than a blind date, talking to a complete stranger about your life story? Probably not. Meeting new people can stir up all kinds of feelings.

We do want to meet you, though! So, let's get those first date jitters out of the way. We'll start by sharing who we are as a family of house churches. That way (if you let us treat you to a cup of coffee) it will feel more like old friends catching up.

Getting To Know UsĀ 

Pete & Sierra got married in 2016 and moved to Washington Heights to begin their life together. Upon arriving, they immersed themselves in the culture and quickly fell in love with the neighborhood. Sierra worked at a school in the area and would walk to work every day. She began to not only appreciate the history of The Heights but the stories of the people who call Washington Heights home. God began speaking to Pete & Sierra through the people and the places and they found themselves dreaming with God, “What does Good News look like to Washington Heights?” Out of that, the Spirit lead Pete & Sierra through a ministry residency to train and equip them on church planting in urban city-centers.

Over the years, Pete and Sierra have refined their vision to what is now Liberty Church Washington Heights, a family of house churches.

Liberty Church Washington Heights began February 2020. A group of people, with diverse spiritual backgrounds and beliefs, came together for dinner and God conversation. Not everyone was in the same place with spirituality and faith which fostered a rich discussion and open, authentic community. Over time, we developed deep connection with one another, shared our testimonies and stories of faith, and studied the Word together. Our connection with one another grew throughout the week and our lives became deeply formed.

Today, as we encourage and support one another in our own faith and the mission to live our faith in front of others, we are not only gathering on Sundays, we gather midweek for bible studies, in group of 4 for deep discipleship, monthly for community engagement projects, and monthly worship with other house churches on the Upper West Side.

We believe what we are called to, as the church, is a ‘come and go’ experience. COME to be trained in disciple-making and GO into your places of life, work, school, and play to show and teach others about Jesus.

Getting To Know You

Our kingdom work and mission can not happen without you! Your spiritual gifts, personality type, talents, calling, spheres of influence are unique to you and they matter! We want to represent the beautifully diverse family of God and without you, something is missing. We would love to meet you, to know you, and to grow with you!

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